The Artisan collection

Out Artisan collection takes woodcraft to the next level with our reactive stain process of finishing our hardwoods. Our reactive stain technique interacts with the natural tannins of the wood to create an authentic aging process while achieving a pleasing pallet of colours. Traditional methods of staining wood causes the stain to form a coat on the surface thereby partially hiding the natural beauty of the wood. With our reactive staining technique, creating colours maintains the authenticity of the wood and its natural characteristics enhancing the appearance of our hardwood floors.

The city loft collection

The City Loft collection was created to appeal to the traditional and modern home alike. The rift and quartered look to the floor lends itself to many decors and offers a quiet dignity any room in the house. With 10 colours to choosefrom, our City Loft Engineered Hardwood floors will definitely make an unique impression. Our City Loft collection is created from the highest quality of North American White Oak cut in a rift and quartered manner and bonded to a Baltic Birch substrate to ensure the most stable Engineered Hardwood possible. It is then finished using a very a high standard coating system to maximize resistance to any residential wear and tear. Backed by a 35 year residential wear warranty and a 5 year commercial warranty, the City Loft collection of Engineered Hardwood floors will be considered a permanent investment to any home.

Essence wall

Our essence wall collection is made from the ever enduring Catalpa wood salvaged from de-commissioned fishing boats. Reclaiming and repurposing these woods into interior wall and floor décor can transform any room into a unique conversation piece. The salvaged Catalpa wood is de-nailed, steamed and kiln dried to maximize its stability in interior environments. The wood is assembled into panels glued to a netted backing making it easy to install on all level surfaces.